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​Monday 20 June 2022


​Simulated Work Environment 

Group Full

Design and technology is a creative and practical subject that gives students the opportunity to apply what they have learnt in design, maths and science and apply those principles in a simulated work environment. Students learn how products and systems are designed and manufactured, how to be innovative and to make creative use of a variety of resources including digital technologies, to improve the world around them. Students will have the opportunity to use computer aided drawing programs and produce an object using workshop tools and basic equipment.​​​​ ​

​Monday 20 June 2022


​Writing Warriors Workshop 

Group Full

In this workshop students will be introduced to different sentence and paragraph styles in order to plan and write a creative warrior-themed narrative with a powerful orientation, impactful vocabulary and creative plot twists . Throughout the workshop students will complete exciting challenges, earning tokens and prizes to celebrate their new writing skills.​

​Tuesday 21 June 2022


RISE like a phoenix

Group Full

A day in the life of a high school student. Students will participate in practical and theory components of a high school HPE lesson. With our vast range of diverse cultures, students will experience different cultural games and build on their team skills. Importantly, student will decipher the role sugar plays within their diet. ​

​Tuesday 21 June 2022


Pop Stars of Tomorrow

Group Full

​In this experience day, students will learn how to play and create simple melodies and chords used in popular music styles. Students will look at ways today's artists use technology and loops to create music for a wider audience. Students will then rehearse and perform popular music songs on guitar or piano and will learn about the process to record their own music. ​

​Wednesday 22 June 2022


Group Full

Students will work in teams to complete a series of activities that will get them to think about using Maths in everyday life. Are you able to construct a 3D shape with just a piece of string? Can you escape the classroom by unlocking the codes to maths questions? How fast can you get your robo-copter to fly? Through the use of hands on resources, students will be invited to solve a variety of maths problems.​​
​Wednesday 22 June 2022

The Arts​

​Make a mess with media

Group Full

"Make a mess with media" will see students experiment with a wide variety of 2D media to create a layered mixed media artwork. Students will spend the morning creating different layers and experimenting with wet 2D media before they make their background. After lunch they will work back into this with image transfer and dry drawing media to create a refined artwork to take home.​ 

Thursday 23 June 2022

Food Studies 

Nutritious but Delicious!...Can we live on chocolate? 

Group Full

Students will investigate food intakes and kJ in foods through an online inquiry into their favourite fast food and look at planning a heathy day’s diet. After completing an interactive Food Safety and Hygiene activity students will then be able to apply their skills through a practical cookery session and produce a fresh fast food snack  2-minute Noodle Vege Frittatas. 

​Thursday 23 June 2022


Group Full

This workshop will introduce students to different types of Media. The day will begin with students learning how to use a photography camera. We will then use photography skills to complete a photo challenge while exploring the school grounds. Students will then spend the afternoon on the computers learning how to edit and manipulate their images on Adobe Photoshop using different techniques. 

Friday 24 June 2022


Group Full

The Show Must Go On

In this workshop, students will rehearse and perform a Dance routine to perform in front of a small audience. The day will begin with students studying a dance routine from a popular musical or music video, and being allocated roles in the performance. They will then work on their technique and performance skills, making formations and learning movements. The routine will be rehearsed and costumed, ready to perform in front of an audience. ​

Friday 24 June 2022


Group Full

​A workshop for Bellbird Park's future dramatists, leaders and influencers. Students will build skills in fundamental acting technique including improvisation, character development and scene work. In a program of exciting acting exercises, students will explore scenarios, ideas and perspectives. Students will use 21st century skills- critical thinking, creativity, communication and collaboration- as they bring a character to life in a dramatic reinvention of a well-known story. 


Frequently Asked Questions - Phoenix Experience Days

Q. Is there a cost involved? 

A. No payment is required to attend the Phoenix Experience Days. 

Q. What time do we come to the school?

A. Registration is from 8:45am – 9:00am. Please note there will be no supervision provided until 8:45am. The day will commence at 9:00am. 

Q. What do they wear?

A. Students are required to wear full primary school uniform unless otherwise specified by the program.

Q. Can they go home with an older sibling?

A. Students are able to be collected from the pickup area by an older sibling if we are informed prior to the day commencing. We will require the older sibling name and home group.

Q. Can they participate more than once?

A. Students can participate in multiple Phoenix Experience Days.

Q. Will I receive a confirmation email?

A. No. When you complete the registration form, a message will appear telling you the registration was successful. You will not receive any further information until one week out from the event. Please ensure you make note of the date of the event and what the event was called in case you have any enquiries.

Q. I am unsure if my registration worked?

A. Please email with your child's name and the name of the Phoenix Experience Day and date you believe you enrolled in. We will be in contact within 2 working days

Q. I cannot register / the link is not working?

A. We close the links once it is a few days out from the event or when the event is full. We aim to list "sold out" on the website if it is sold out. Registrations for all events close the Friday prior to the Phoenix Experience Days.

Q. Does my primary school know I am attending?

A. We provide students with a certificate of completion, which you can show your school as proof of attendance. We do not inform the school that your child is attending the high school for the day. 

For any further questions please contact: 


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Last updated 19 May 2022