Dress Code


​​Bellbird Park State Secondary College is a full-uniform college. The uniform is regarded by the college community as being important in its role in encouraging a sense of self-esteem, belonging and self-discipline in students through to their adolescence. All students are expected to observe the details of correct attire and appearance.

Read our COLLEGE DRESS CODE POLICY for all details. 

Expectations of Bellbird Park State Secondary College Students 

All students are expected to observe the details of correct attire and must be wearing the complete uniform in accordance with school routine and this policy. 

This includes, but is not limited to, whilst travelling to or from the college, or whenever a student is out in the community wearing the college uniform. This high standard will ensure that our students continue to represent themselves and the college in an outstanding way.



Uniform Routines 

Year 7-9 

• Sports uniform is worn everyday 

Year 10-12 

• The formal uniform is for senior secondary students only (years 10 to 12). 

• Students in years 10 to 12 are required to wear the formal uniform every Monday. 

• Students in years 10 to 12 are required to wear the formal uniform, including ties, for excursions, extra/ co-curricular activities and college ceremonies. The college will communicate these events in advance. 

• Students in years 10 to 12 are required to wear the college tie in terms 2 and 3; optional in terms 1 and 4 (with the exception of events as per point above). 

• Students in years 10 to 12 are permitted to wear the formal uniform on Tuesdays to Fridays – on days that they do not have HPE or practical activities. 

• Students are not to mix and match sports and formal uniform items. 

• A year 12 custom tie will be available for year 12 students. 

• A year 12 senior jersey will be designed and permitted to be worn by year 12 students



Shoes / Footwear 

• All-black, fully enclosed, lace-up, full polished leather/leather look (no mesh) shoes of plain, conventional college or multi-purpose design (see photographs). 

• Shoes must have a heel, no greater than 20mm and no lower than 5mm. 

• No skate/roller shoes, slip-ons, boots, coloured laces, ballet flats, canvas, mesh-top, or suede shoes are permitted. 

• Students are permitted to bring sport specific shoes for HPE lessons and interschool sport. However, under no circumstances as these to be worn to and from and school, or non HPE lessons.

• Bellbird Park State Secondary College has strict expectations and requirements concerning appropriate and regulated footwear. Bellbird Park State Secondary College reserves the right to make judgements on the acceptability or otherwise of footwear and will not enter into discussion on decisions made in this regard.


This policy allows for minimal jewellery at school. At all times workplace, health and safety and school image will be the determining factors in the application of this policy. 

• One (1) wrist watch 

• One earring (plain sleepers or studs) per ear (lower ear lobe only) for pierced ears. Earrings must be silver or gold in colour. 

• Sleepers are to be no larger than the size of a five cent piece. Studs are to be no larger than 5mm. 

• Other piercings or facial studs, including tongue studs of any kind are strictly prohibited and are not to be worn to and from the college, during any college events, or when in college uniform. Clear alternatives are not acceptable or permitted. The covering of piercings with band aids is not permitted.

• Medical, cultural or religious necklaces are permitted, but must be concealed beneath the shirt and not visible. Please note that these necklaces may need to be removed to enable participation in practical activities and sport as per DoE guidelines. No other necklaces are permitted. 

• No other accessories or jewellery are to be worn. 

• The above jewellery standards apply to any occasion during or out of school hours including, but not limited to, where a student is at college, representing the college in any way, dressed in college uniform including uniforms for various sporting, extra-curricular or other programs where the college is represented by the student, or the college is on display in the community. 

• The college will not be held liable for any damage/loss/theft of student or parent’s personal items (eg. mobile phones or jewellery) whilst on school premises or at a school activity.

Hair and Makeup 

All students at the college are to be neat and tidy, well-groomed, and the following must be adhered to, at a minimum: 

• Hair is to be neat, clean and tidy at all times; worn off the face so that the eyes are visible. 

• Long hair (hair that is longer than collar length) is to be tied back. • Hair must not be coloured or dyed a non-natural colour. 

• Hairstyles such as mo-hawks, tracks, or rat’s tails are not permitted. A part line may be defined by a single shaved track - however multiple track lines are not permitted.

• Hair is to be styled in such a way that does not interfere with student’s ability to wear the hat in compliance with the Sun-safe policy. 

• Hair ribbons, headbands, clips and scrunchies are permitted in school colours only (navy, maroon or white). Other accessories are not permitted. These include but are not limited to, bandanas, beanies, beads and adornments, and other non-school coloured headwear or accessories. 

• Eyeliner, eye shadow, mascara and other makeup is not permitted. 

• Fake eyelash or eyelash extensions are prohibited. 

• Eyebrow tracks or shaved sections in the eyebrows are not permitted. 

• Nail polish, nail patterns/art and nail jewellery are not permitted. 

• False nails or nail attachments are not permitted. 

• Tattoos, if present, must be covered by the school uniform or tattoo sleeve. 

• Head Scarves worn for religious reasons must be navy blue or white – no decorations or tassels. 

Last reviewed 27 December 2021
Last updated 27 December 2021